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A Discussion on Effective Audit of User Access

Removing the Hoops

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Over at my other blog, I published a post titled:

If the UI fails, the application fails

I wanted to briefly describe what that means to us at NetVision and how we’ve incorporated that mantra into our design strategy.

When sorting through access audit information, many professionals feel like they have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get to the information they need.  First, find hardware to host a solution, install software, perform never-ending configuration, maintain the environment, figure out how to collect the information, sift through mountains of log data, get training on what information is relevant, maintain proper training on the hardware, software, audit data, and requirements, and more.  If all of that is required just to get a report on access rights, it’s no wonder so many people fail at adequately answering the question.  (And 50% of IT execs say they can not adequately answer the question of Who Has Access to What.)

NetVision removes the hoops.  We know that if you have to move mountains to reach your goal, you’ll be less likely to succeed.  And if you do succeed, it’ll be at great expense and effort.  So, we make it easy.

First, we provide an appliance that is engineered and optimized for a single purpose.  We install all software and do all the configuration.  We setup policies and reports based on your organization’s needs.  All that’s left is for you to open the reports and get to the information you need.  No hoops. 

And the really amazing part is that having us do it actually costs less than doing it yourself.

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