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A Discussion on Effective Audit of User Access

Microsoft Exchange Monitoring: Preview

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NetVision will soon be announcing availability of our Microsoft Exchange monitoring capabilities.  Indepent of Microsoft event logs, this solution will enable you to monitor message, calendar, contact, and task activity.  Events can be triggered based on whether the initiator is the mailbox owner as well as event filtering by subsets of users.  So, for example, if a help desk user sends a message from your CEO, you might want to take different action than if the CEO’s assistant sends a message from that account.

If you’d like us to keep you updated on the Exchange monitoring release, please let us know.

Exchange Mailbox Monitoring

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We already told you that updates for SIMON would be provided on a regular basis.  The latest enables Microsoft Exchange Monitoring without any further customization.  You asked for it and we listened.

A few of the commonly requested reports include:

  • Logon to Mailbox - tells you when users access their Exchange mailboxes.  This could be important as an audit trail.
  • Failed Attempt to Access a Mailbox - tells you when someone attempts to access a mailbox for which they don’t have permission.  This could indicate an attack scenario or perhaps let you know when employees need access to a shared mailbox account.
  • Logon to Non-Primary Mailbox - tells you when someone accesses a mailbox for which they are not the primary owner.  This enables you to monitor privileged users who may have permissions to access mailboxes that they shouldn’t be viewing.  It’s also good for audit trail purposes.

If Exchange Mailbox monitoring is important to you, be sure to let us know and we’ll make it a part of your personalized product demonstration.

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