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A Discussion on Effective Audit of User Access

Security in a Recession

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There’s an interesting article over at CSO titled 5 Tips for Managing Security in a Recession.  It has some good advice for people trying to maintain security and audit-ability on a restricted budget. 

The final paragraph talks about the value of outsourcing being cost-cutting but warns of the security risk.  We thought about that a lot last year during our planning meetings for SIMON.  Ultimately, we concluded that we could put out a solution that recovers budget without introducing security risk by implementing an appliance-based approach on-site that is managed by experts.  You outsource the pain, but not the data.  The data stays safe at home.

The Cost of Compliance

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Everybody is talking about the cost of non-compliance. But what about the enormous cost of achieving compliance? For many, that cost seems to make the assurance of being compliant seem hardly worthwhile (think insurance). You wouldn’t pay $20,000/yr. for homeowners insurance that covers up to $100k/yr. …especially when the threat of catastophe seems unlikely.

The bottom line – there are better ways to approach the problem. If you’re laying out every regulation and trying to map some control in your environment to each of the requirements, you’re probably paying way too much in both cost and effort. Simplify by taking a multi-regulatory approach. And (of course) leverage pragmatic solutions that cut costs to acheive the same goal. Spending what amounts to some large percentage of the potential threat cost is not your only option! That’s the idea behind SIMON.

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