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A Discussion on Effective Audit of User Access

Identity Intelligence

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A phrase we’ve been hearing over the past six months or so when talking to industry analysts is Identity Intelligence. This is how the Identity and Access Management industry is viewing the reports and monitoring provided by software vendors  like NetVision. We don’t provide provisioning tools or SSO solutions, but our focus on access rights – Who has access to what? How did they get access? and How are they using access?  makes us a compelling addition to the enterprise Identity landscape. I’m stating it that way because many NetVision customers don’t have enterprise Identity solutions and don’t think in those terms, but for those that do, the phrase Identity Intelligencemight help put NetVision in perspective.

Here are two recent posts from Gartner’s Earl Perkins on the subject:

The Real Meaning of “Intelligence” in IAM
IAM: To Control, Observe, and Inform

Let us know if you have others to include in the discussion.

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