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A Discussion on Effective Audit of User Access

What’s the difference between data, context and the answer?

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As one of the few vendors who evaluate both access-related events and states we’re always looking for meaningful ways to combine the two. By some definitions this is called “context”. I think that’s too scientific; defining the combination of data points as providing context when in fact – it’s simply the answer. I say this based on increasingly frequent discussions with prospective customers who – rightly – say, “well, if you have this very rich information it’s very titillating but what I’m really after is…..[pick your daily job-related outcome].” So, I hypothesize, that data from a SEIM or a query tool or any other mechanism is simply data if provided without context. And with the right context it’s merely the answer. Here’s a new tagline. “Expect Answers”

Active Directory Group Clean Up

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A recent edition of NetVision’s monthly newsletter AuditMonthly discussed the issues of permission bloat and group clean up.  There are some focus areas outlined in one of our solutions pages: Active Directory Group Clean Up.  We can help you get your arms around the issue, identify low hanging fruit, and clean things up.

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