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A Discussion on Effective Audit of User Access

Tracking Failed Logon attempts to Active Directory

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One method of monitoring possible inappropriate access attempts to Active Directory is to watch for Failed Logon attempts.  One way to do that is to monitor specific events in the Security Event Log on ALL servers within an environment.  The challenge with this has always been trying to monitor and gather all the appropriate information across all systems within an environment.

NetVision has greatly simplified this by centralizing the effort and applying filters at the event source that allow the system to gather only appropriate data and act upon the event information according to pre-defined rules (record it, write to file, send an alert, etc.)

NetVision reports on the following types of Failed Logons:

  1. Failed Logon attempts to the Local System
  2. Failed Logon because an account is Disabled
  3. Failed Logon because an account is Expired
  4. Failed Logon because an account is Locked
  5. Failed Logon because of Machine Restrictions
  6. Failed Logon because of an accounts Password is Expired
  7. Failed Logon because of a Time Restriction
  8. Failed Logon because of an account Type Restriction
  9. Failed Logon because an account is Unknown

NetVision allows you to gather and process ALL Failed Logons centrally so you can evaluate the events, build appropriate reports, and take action on possibly inappropriate behaviors within your environment.

UPDATED: We can also track and report on failed logon attempts without relying on the security event log, making it easy to capture and report on a subset of users (such as system administrators) without having to store ALL failed logon attempts across the enterprise.  …forgot to mention that in the original post.

Baby got Back(ing)

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You might have seen today that NetVision recently secured Series B financing.  If not, please take a look at the release.  Obviously, we’re happy and proud to get an edorsement from the great minds at vSpring and PEC.  This round enables us to stay focused on innovation in delivering solutions such as the SIMON managed service.  …stay tuned for future innovations that are currently on the design table!

3-Minute Introductory Demo

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We put together this quick-and-dirty 3-minute introduction into one of NetVision’s core product offerings – directory monitoring.  In this example, we make a few common changes in Active Directory and show how the changes show up in our reports.

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